About US

Our Objective

Our primary goal is to advance the sport of water skiing as a whole through the promotion of professional water ski events and a unified tour.

We believe that helping to shine a bigger light on professional water skiing will help it to continue its growth in audience size and event numbers that has been seen in recent years. This will, in turn, invigorate the grassroots of the sport, leading to a greater number of people enjoying the water from atop a ski.

Event assistance

Events are the backbone of the tour. Offering bespoke assistance to those currently organising events, along with those who plan to, helps the professional water skiing and the tour flourish going forward.

Centralized information

A central hub of professional water ski information, including schedules, results and leaderboards,  allows current water ski fans to stay tuned-in while offering a place for a new, bigger audience to dive into

Communicating up-to-the-minute results and highlights through social media and direct communication helps encourage a more engaged audience base. This is boosted by the creation of content that showcases professional water skiing.