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2023 season
2023 season
2022 season
2022 season
2021 Season
2021 Season

Aired on September 24th


Times are approximate and in Eastern Time (ET) and in Central Europe Time (CET).

Friday - Qualifiers 

12.00pm ET (18:00 CET) - Women's Slalom Qualifying Round 1

1.30pm ET (19:00 CET) - Men's Slalom Qualifying Round 1 

Saturday - Qualifiers

12.00pm ET (18:00 CET) - Women's Slalom Qualifying Round 2

1.30pm ET (19:00 CET) - Men's Slalom Qualifying Round 2

Sunday - Finals

1.00pm ET (19:00 CET) - Women's Slalom Final - 8 skiers

2.00pm ET (20:00 CET) - Men's Slalom Final - 8 skiers

Aired September 16th

Aired August 27th

Aired July 15th

Aired July 2nd

Aired June 4th

Aired May 6th

Aired September 9th

Aired August 6th

Aired July 8th

Aired June 10th

Aired May 7th

Aired April 23rd

Miami Pro

Finals - aired November 6th

Finals - aired October 1st

Finals - aired August 28th

Finals - aired July 24th

Finals - aired July 10th

Finals: aired June 26th

Finals: aired June 5th

Finals - aired October 8th

Finals - aired September 24th

Finals - aired August 21st

Finals - aired July 17th

Aired July 3rd

Aired June 18th

Aired on Sunday May 1st

Finals: Aired on November 13th

Finals Men Tricks and Jump: Aired on October 17th

Finals: Aired on October 2nd

Finals: Aired on August 21st

Qualifiers: Aired on July 10th

Aired on June 19th

Aired on

May 29th and 30th, 2021

Screenshot 2021-05-28 at 21.22.06.png

Finals: Aired on October 30th

Finals Slalom and Women's Tricks: Aired on October 16th

Finals: Aired on August 29th

Finals: Aired on August 13th

Finals: Aired on July 4th

finals: Aired in June 6th

Aired on

May 2, 2021

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