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2023 season
2023 season
2022 season
2022 season
2021 Season
2021 Season

Airing on June 3rd


Times are approximate and in Eastern Time (ET) & Central Europe Time (CET) 

Saturday - Qualifiers:
8.00am ET (14:00 CET) - Women's Slalom - Qualifying Round 1 
9.00am ET (15.00 CET) - Men's Slalom - Qualifying Round 1 
11.00am ET (17:00 CET) - Women's Slalom - Qualifying Round 2 

12.00pm ET (18:00 CET) - Men's Slalom - Qualifying Round 2

Sunday - Finals:

1.00pm ET (19:00 CET) - Women's Slalom Final (8 skiers)

2.00pm ET (20:00 CET) - Men's Slalom Final (8 skiers)

Aired May 7th

Aired May 6th

Aired April 23rd

Miami Pro

Finals - aired November 6th

Finals - aired October 1st

Finals - aired August 28th

Finals - aired July 24th

Finals - aired July 10th

Finals: aired June 26th

Finals: aired June 5th

Finals - aired October 8th

Finals - aired September 24th

Finals - aired August 21st

Finals - aired July 17th

Aired July 3rd

Aired June 18th

Aired on Sunday May 1st

Finals: Aired on November 13th

Finals Men Tricks and Jump: Aired on October 17th

Finals: Aired on October 2nd

Finals: Aired on August 21st

Qualifiers: Aired on July 10th

Aired on June 19th

Aired on

May 29th and 30th, 2021

Screenshot 2021-05-28 at 21.22.06.png

Finals: Aired on October 30th

Finals Slalom and Women's Tricks: Aired on October 16th

Finals: Aired on August 29th

Finals: Aired on August 13th

Finals: Aired on July 4th

finals: Aired in June 6th

Aired on

May 2, 2021

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