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About US

Centralized information

A central hub of professional water ski information, including schedules, results and leaderboards,  allows current water ski fans to stay tuned-in while offering a place for a new, bigger audience to dive into


Communicating up-to-the-minute results and highlights through social media and direct communication helps encourage a more engaged audience base. This is boosted by the creation of content that showcases professional water skiing.

Event Assistance

Events are the backbone of the tour. Offering bespoke assistance to those currently organising events, along with those who plan to, helps the professional water skiing and the tour flourish going forward.

Our Objective

Waterski Pro Tour exists to advance the sport of water skiing as a whole through the promotion of professional water ski events and a unified tour. 
Partnering with the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation, Waterski Pro Tour strives to shine a bigger light on professional water skiing so that the significant growth in audience size and event numbers that has been seen in recent years will continue. 
The ambition is to invigorate the grassroots of the sport, leading to a greater number of people enjoying the water from atop a ski.




Brooks Wilson is the Brand Manager of Radar Skis and a former professional skier. He is passionate about sharing the sport we all love to the masses and making skiing presentable to everyone that makes their way onto the scene.



Having grown up in a waterski environment, Vince is a true passionate and thrives to contribute to the growth of professional waterskiing.


"I strongly believe that the effort we are doing with the Waterski Pro Tour will result in more events and more money brought into the sport and given to the skiers across the world. Being a waterski broadcaster, I can assist with sponsors, event organisers and officials.

I am fully dedicated to push professional waterskiing forward."

Manon Costard.jpeg

Manon Costard

Manon Costard is a Full-Stack Web Developer and former Slalom World Champion. She is eager to participate to the growth and promotion of water skiing.


Co-founder of the Waterski Pro Tour she contributes to the management and planning of each pro tour season. She also runs the website, skier statistics and manages the databases.

“I truly believe that giving my time to Waterski Pro Tour to support its initiatives is the best way I can give back to the sport.” 

Greg picture.jpeg


Greg entered the waterski world in 2012 meeting his wife Ambre Franc, French national team slalomer.


He started Waterski Nation in 2017, which became a popular trend on Instagram, allowing him to produce videos and promote pro events worldwide. He launched the Waterski Journal in summer 2020. Tested the concept of Waterski Nation Tour the same year. He was elected as a member of the board of the French Federation in 2021.


Now co-founder of the Waterski Pro Tour, he started his own event in Monaco in 2023 alongside skier Alexis Keusseoglou.

Matteo Luzzeri.jpeg


Matteo lives and breathes skiing, wearing many hats in the sport for a long time. In 2014 he organised the first San Gervasio Pro Am, contributing to a resurgence of professional water skiing across Europe. 

"The vision of unity and promotion that Waterski Pro Tour brings to the sport perfectly aligns with my personal mission of making water skiing a true professional sport."

Co-founder of Waterski Pro Tour, Matteo can be found either in the boat or in the office at Jolly Ski School in San Gervasio, Italy.

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