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The Waterski Pro Tour Continues this weekend, June 3rd and 4th at the Lake 38 Pro-Am presented by S-Lines! Twenty-six waterskiers from all walks of life are meeting in Tallahassee, Florida to compete. Skiers will be competing for tournament placement, as well as Tour points in the pursuit of becoming this season’s slalom champion. Our athletes will be competing in a Straight Final format this weekend. In each division, the skiers with the top 8 scores from the first two rounds will qualify for the final, where the best score of the round will win it all.

Freddie Winter - Lake 38 Pro Am - Professional Slalom Skiing

Men’s Division Preview

The men’s division is headed by the top two skiers in the world, Freddie Winter (60pts) and Nate Smith (86pts). These two rivals have fought back and forth for years for the right to call themselves the best slalom skier. At the last stop on the Tour, the Swiss Pro Slalom, Winter finished in second place with a score of 3.50@41off (10.25m) in the final round. Smith bested him by running one more buoy to earn a score of 4.00@41off (10.25m). So far this season, neither competitor has turned a buoy at the world record pass of 43off, but this event may be the first time we see it happen this year.

Regina Jaquess - Lake 38 Pro Am - Professional water skiing

Women’s Division Preview

On the women’s side of the event, Tour leaders Whitney McClintock-Rini (77pts) and Regina Jaquess (74pts). These two incredible skiers have been neck and neck in tournaments this year. McClintock-Rini won the King of Darkness tournament with a score of 6@39.5off (10.75m), and Jaquess won the Swiss Pro Slalom with a score of 2@41off (10.25m). As early season favorites, look out for these two women to keep a tight race as they compete for the rest of the tour.

Luisa and Federico Jaramillo - Lake 38 Pro Am - Pro waterski

Skier Spotlight

This weekend, we have three spotlight skiers to highlight. The first two are Luisa and Federico Jaramillo, twins from Colombia. These two skiers are young, but they are no strangers to big tournaments. For years they have competed on some of the biggest stages in the waterski world, both Federico and Luisa have made it to the finals in past tournaments and are no doubt hungry to get there this weekend. Our final skier spotlight will be Arron Davies from Great Britain. This weekend will be Davies first big tournament since sustaining a major arm injury last year. Davies is primed and ready to ski, we wish you luck and good health as you make your Waterski Pro Tour comeback!

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